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Honeybee Swarm Removal and Extractions

We are thankful that you are here!

If you are here, you most likely have a problem with honeybees.  The bees have either invaded the walls or ceiling of your home or they have swarmed on or in a tree near your home.

Here at Crimson Creek Apiaries, Swarmin’ Norman will leap at the opportunity to collect your swarm of honeybees… nothing delights us more! If you spot a swarm of bees hanging from a branch or from a fence post or from some other unexpected place, you’ve got to act quickly! Contact Swarmin’ Norman at Crimson Creek Apiaries and we’ll get right on it.

                      Swarmin' Norman - 724-289-7879

Whether it’s just a new swarm of honey bees or an established colony/bee hive in your chimney, roof, wall, shed, drywall, etc…


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